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Celesta A. Sloan

I have not posted for a long while (life gets in the way, sometimes).  However, I am excited to start posting again.  This, while admittedly not the best photo, is a stone I like a lot

Wife of
May 22, 1845
Oct. 27, 1879 

Marengo Cemetery
Marengo, Crawford County, Indiana 

This is in the old section of Marengo Cemetery in Crawford County, Indiana.  It is a beautiful cemetery with a lot of very nice stones.  Some of my ancestors are buried in this cemetery, including James and Malinda Suddarth.

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Old Stone. But Original Stone?

A while back, I did a post regarding the two grave markers for James Suddarth in the Marengo Cemetery in Marengo, Indiana.  While it is easy to tell that one stone is much older than the other, I think it is highly unlikely that the old stone dates to the time of James’s death.  Here is a photo of the old stone:

Grave Stone of James and Malinda Suddarth

Recently, I was showing a colleague the photos of the old stone and the new stone and he questioned whether the stone looked like it was from 1865.  The material the stone appears to be made of, the style of the stone and the fact that it is on a base all raised his suspicions.  After thinking about it, I believe I agree; this stone is not from 1865.  Nearby, in the same family plot is the stone of James and Malinda’s son, David B. Suddarth.  I do not have a good picture of the whole stone, but here is a picture of the family plot:

The stone on the far right is that of James and Malinda.  The one on the left, in the back, is that of David B. Suddarth and his wife Alsie.  The small one in front on the left is Malinda A. Suddarth.  David died in 1913.  As you can see, the stone for him and his wife is exactly like the one for James and Malinda.  I am certain that the stone for James and Malinda was erected at the same time as the one for David and Alsie, most likely around 1913.  Whether or not there was ever an older stone for James and Malinda, I don’t know.  It would be interesting trying to find out if there was and if there was any other information (or different information) on that marker.

What do you think?  Is the marker for James and Malinda from 1865?  Or was is erected much later, after David died?

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New Stone, Old Stone

Whenever we are searching for a specific grave marker, we become excited when we finally find it.  Here is a photo of the marker for James Suddarth.

New Gravestone for James Suddarth

From this marker, I learn that James was born in 1795 and died 1865.  He was also a Corporal in Captain Coffee’s Company of the Kentucky Volunteer Militia during the War of 1812.  This is all great information to have if I am researching this line in my genealogy.  However, if I had just stopped there, I would have missed some important information.

To the left and a little further back in the cemetery is another grave marker for James Suddarth.  This is the original grave marker.

Grave Stone of James and Malinda Suddarth

Although worn, it is possible to read (my apologies for the bad photo – it is easier to read in person).


JAMES                   MALINDA
BORN                       BORN
MAR 22, 1795           SEP 13, 1797
DIED                        DIED
OCT 21, 1865              NOV 2, 1865

Here, we see that there is more information on the old stone than what was put onto the new stone.  The biggest item is the fact that the old stone was not just for James, but also for Malinda Suddarth, his wife.  In addition, instead of just the year of birth and death, the old stone has the actual month and day for each.

There is also an inscription below the birth and death information.  This inscription is extremely hard to read (and cannot be read in the photo).  It tells us that James was a volunteer in Jesse Coffee’s company during the War of 1812, information which has been put on the new marker.


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